Gwyneth Paltrow Morpheus8
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Morpheus8: The Fast Tightening Tweatment Loved By Celebs

How to Tighten Skin in Less than One Week As we age, our skin’s quality goes down. This causes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and volume loss among others. With ageing taking its natural course, how can you possibly get rid of these problems? This is where Morpheus8 comes in. It is an innovative solution to skin […]

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Chloé Loves To Shop x Eighth & Eden

How to achieve Lift & Glow with Chloé Loves To Shop at Eighth & Eden. @chloelovestoshop It was my pleasure recently to welcome Chloé Loves To Shop to Eighth & Eden, a highly successful London based lifestyle, beauty and fashion influencer. What I love about Chloé is her sense of style, high end mixed with […]

Discover The Answer To Beating Cellulite
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Discover The Answer To Beating Cellulite

Dr Chloë reveals her method to treat this widespread beauty woe.  “The problem was we had amazing devices that could melt fat and build muscle but none were tackling cellulite.” Until we were introduced to EMtone®. We all know its appearance—lumpy, dimpled, and dubbed un-affectionately with food terms like “orange peel”. But what exactly is […]

Face & Body Memberships To Keep You Balance & On Track
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Face & Body Memberships To Keep You Balance & On Track

Everything starts with our members. As always we’re here to help you reset your self-care standard, and give you that little extra boost right when you need it most. Discover our memberships to kickstart your BODY and FACIAL fitness journey in 2022. WE all know the benefits of going to the gym regularly, it’s a […]

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The pore shrinking facial that works in a FLASH!

If your goal is to turn your skin around, finally get on top of your lack lustre complexion, indulge in some me time, HydraFacial® is the treatment for you! Your skin will appear visibly more vibrant, refreshed, healthy and youthful whilst keeping breakouts and pigmentation at bay. HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU GET A FACIAL TO REAP […]

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5 Best Treatments For Wrinkles By Dr Chloë

1. Wrinkle Relaxer wrinkle relaxer is our number one gold standard treatment for wrinkles.  I use it to smooth out the complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lift brows, reduce sweating, to stop squinting/twitching, relieve headaches and migraines. Whether you have done wrinkle relaxer before or are dipping into it for the first time, […]

Does Profhilo® Make You Look Younger?
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Does Profhilo® Make You Look Younger?

Profhilo® has developed a cult like status at Eighth & Eden and has become our number one injectable treatment. “For me, it’s become a staple, one that I would say is routine maintenance similar to your skincare, it is actually known as the injectable moisturiser, says Dr Chloë. I know we have a lot of […]

How to get rid of jowls by Dr Chloë
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How To Get Rid Of jowls By Dr Chloë

We don’t always want to race to the surgeon at the first signs of sagging skin and jowl appearance. The Eighth & Eden method® considers HIFU and Exilis® Radio frequency as gold standard when it comes to rejuvenation, fighting gravity and reversing the appearance of jowls. They can be a stand alone alternative to any […]

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Get Gutsy with Carla: “Why I Supercharged GLOW!”

It’s hard to believe that the first-ever iteration of GLOW powder was created in my kitchen in Bondi over 10 years ago…  And now we have an ever-expanding team of bright and creative minds, a wonderfully loyal community, and a supercharged version of the product that started it all. And while The Beauty Chef has grown and […]

Amanda Harrington Tanning
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How To Choose The Perfect Tanning Tint For Your Skin Tone

Amanda has formulated a pioneering range of tanning tints to work with your natural skin undertones. Meet Amanda’s three unique tints, Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive. The result is a natural, sculpting, and long-lasting finish to the skin, transforming the face and body to its most beautiful. Amanda has always striven to create […]

Dr Chloë Talks Retinols
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Retinal vs Retinol

When it comes to anti-ageing skincare, vitamin A is the absolute gold standard in keeping your skin looking younger for longer. Nothing even comes close to vitamin A in terms of the clinical evidence for its results and the amount of benefits it provides the skin. Two of the most well known forms are retinol, […]

Obagi Vitamin C Serums
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Ingredient Spotlight: What Is L-Ascorbic Acid?

Blueberries, oranges and, acai berries have gained popularity in our constant effort to seek out the answers for achieving optimal health. Known for their powerful free-radical fighting abilities, antioxidants have most likely already found their way into your morning smoothie or breakfast bowl. But there’s another area we love antioxidants for – and that’s your […]

Nose Job Treatment at Eighth & Eden
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Love Your Side Profile

Ok, so you’ve got a bump on your nose and it bugs you. If anyone takes a picture of you from the side, it’s all you can see.

Mind Boosting Botox
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Mood Boosting Wrinkle Relaxer

Patient: “Doctor, I’m depressed!” Doctor: “Here’s a prescription for some Wrinkle Relaxer…..”  Whatever your feelings about Wrinkle Relaxer, your understanding is probably that it temporarily paralyses the muscle erasing or preventing wrinkles and you’d be correct but do you know all the medical applications ? Conditions such as muscle spasticity, jawclenching, bladder dysfunction, spinal cord injury, […]

What’s That Chair? By Dr Chloë
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What’s That Chair Dr Chloë?

Since we’ve launched EMSELLA® at Eighth & Eden we’ve interviewed a very willing client on what can be a very taboo subject. (We couldn’t believe the amount of willing volunteers and all ages). Urinary incontinence, which affects one in four UK women, makes you, freeze and hold you hold your breath – and with luck your bladder too – just long enough to make it to the bathroom.

Bum Lift with Emsculpt®
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EMsculpt® Bum Lift: Everything You Want to Know

When it comes to toning and sculpting, EMsculpt® is the only technology available that has the power to do both. Often in life, when something seems too good to be true, it is. But this is not the case with EMsculpt®.

Mummy Makeover
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Eighth & Eden’s Mummy Makeover!

“Women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth can experience body hang ups” explains Dr Chloë. “Exercise and healthy eating alone can’t always address this alone but at Eighth & Eden we have numerous technologies that offer effective results which is where we can help”

Dermal Filler Lips with MaiiLi
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5 Things To Know Before Your First Lip Filler Treatment

Lip fillers are an excellent way to achieve fuller and more youthful-looking lips. If you are considering this treatment, here are some of the top things you need to know about lip fillers first.   Having full lips can often make you look more youthful and improve your appearance. If you are concerned about naturally […]

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A Guide to Injectables By Dr Chloë

If you’re new to the world of cosmetic injectables, you’re not alone. Dr. Chloë explains all you need to know about cosmetic enhancement… What is the difference between fillers and wrinkle relaxers? Wrinkle relaxers work by relaxing underlying facial muscles to give the face a more relaxed and pleasant appearance. The aim is to soften […]

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How To Stimulate Collagen Production

Spoiler alert: It’s not by using skincare products with collagen in If elastin gives skin spring, collagen provides the plumpness. Or lack thereof – since as we age our bodies make less of this protein that gives skin structure. “We all have a finite bank of collagen which begins to deplete from the age of […]

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