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26 July 2021

So You Have the Wedding Dress. Now What?

Lifestyle | Treatments

Good news: You found your wedding dress, and you love it…Congratulations! So next on your list is the beauty countdown, Dr Chloë reveals the …

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20 July 2021


Skincare | Treatments

You may be wondering how to get rid of dark spots on the skin due to sun damage. Despite anyone’s best efforts to mind their SPF, any time spent …

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7 July 2021

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Microneedling

Skincare | Treatments

The multi-purpose treatment that targets everything from collagen decline, acne scars to hair loss. By Dr Eloise We can’t stop talking about the …

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2 July 2021

Reverse Neck Neglect!

Skincare | Treatments

Nothing like poor Zoom lighting to make you consider your tech neck. Don’t worry- we have solves for that! In this moment of pandemic …

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1 July 2021



Dealing with breakouts, bites, or burns? Summer, with its escalating humidity, plus a sharp hike in temperature, brings with it a host of skin …

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15 June 2021


Health | Lifestyle | Skincare | Treatments | Wellness

It’s some of the most sobering beauty news ever: starting in our mid-twenties, we lose about one percent of our collagen—the structural protein …

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14 June 2021

Amanda Harrington™ X Eighth & Eden

Skincare | Treatments | Wellness

Dr Chloë introduces the AH experience at Eighth & Eden Without the risk of sounding cliched this is not just any old tan, The Bespoke Body …

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8 June 2021

Redefining Beauty With Eighth & Eden’s Signature Treatment…


‘The Lift & Glow’ “We’ve redefined what beauty means,” says Dr. Chloë. “It’s less about being handed down an archaic and ill-fitting …

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25 May 2021

Improve Your Core With No Sight Of Crunches!

Health | Lifestyle | Wellness

Eighth and Eden meet with Harry Willis a Warwickshire based personal trainer. Personal training has given him wealth of understanding the needs …

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24 May 2021

3 Key Tips For Creating A Garden Ready For Summer


Hello, I am Skyla an Interior Designer. I have always been passionate about interior design and styling. I love combining elements of design to …

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10 May 2021

My 4 Step Strategy for Shiny Hair

Health | Lifestyle | Style

4 Steps to Your Shiniest Hair Yet Our founder Chloë has spent years testing and trialing different hair brands and products, and now she has the …

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6 May 2021


Health | Skincare | Treatments

NEXT STOP: CLEAR SKIN The Results I know that it’s a sad fact that for many, acne doesn’t just magically disappear the day after we leave school. …

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28 April 2021

Inside a Dr’s Skincare Regime

Health | Skincare | Treatments

Founder and Medical Director Chloë Butler reveals her AM and PM skincare regimes    AM “I don’t actually cleanse in the morning, because I …

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11 November 2020

How To Deal With “Maskne”

Health | Treatments

WHAT IS ‘MASKNE’? Wearing face coverings in warm environments – such as shops or public transport – can lead to issues with the skin underneath …

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24 April 2020


Health | Treatments

Do you want to Stop Sweating This Summer? With Summer right around the corner and most of us can’t wait for sunshine and hot weather, this can …

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