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5 Things To Know Before Your First Lip Filler Treatment

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Lip fillers are an excellent way to achieve fuller and more youthful-looking lips. If you are considering this treatment, here are some of the top things you need to know about lip fillers first.


Having full lips can often make you look more youthful and improve your appearance. If you are concerned about naturally thin lips or your lips are losing volume due to age, a customised lip filler treatment could help create a more aesthetically pleasing mouth.

You may be considering lip filler treatment if:

You have naturally thin lips

Age has caused your lips to lose volume

You have asymmetrical lips

You are concerned about any wrinkles around your mouth

Fuller lips will balance out your features for a more pleasing appearance



5 Things to Know Before Your Lip Filler Treatment

1. Will I swell?

You will see the results of your lip fillers almost immediately, but your lips will be slightly swollen at first. This should reduce within 48 hours of the treatment.

2. Does it hurt?

It’s not as bad as you think: most people imagine that filler injections in the lip are horribly painful, but they are wrong. Your doctor will use a strong (prescription strength) topical numbing cream on the area to ease any discomfort.

3. Will others notice?

Done properly, lip filler will give you a subtle, natural appearance of a slightly fuller lip.  Only you and your doctor will know for sure.

4. Will I be able to feel it in my lips?

Not all fillers are equal.  Only a few of the FDA approved fillers are appropriate for use in lips.  The wrong fillers will be stiff, lumpy and unnatural looking. The correct ones will be smooth, soft and will “melt” right into your own lip tissue, feeling just like you. Here at Eighth & Eden, we only use the very best premium dermal fillers.


After 2 weeks – Leanne’s overall facial volume is complemented by more balanced features. Leanne’s lips have been given a natural volume. Brows and temples have been softened and smile lines have been minimalised. The result is youthful radiance.

“I now feel confident leaving the house without makeup. My skin and lips especially feel and look more hydrated since having the treatment.”


5.  Is lip filler only used to enhance the size?

It’s important to remember that Lip Filler treatment doesn’t have to mean fake looking lips.
It can be used for:

Shaping the lips

Treating lip asymmetry

Balancing of proportion of the upper and lower lip

Improving volume

Better definition of the borders or Cupid’s bow

The look of hydration

Smoothing lipstick lines

Turning up the lip corners for a resting smile


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Emollient treatment helps improve environmental damage, while smoothing and refining the lips surface. Helps attract and retain water to rejuvenate, reshape and replenish lip tissue. Alleviates dryness and tightness.


Emollient treatment helps improve environmental damage, while smoothing and refining the lips surface



H.A. Intensifier is a multi-beneficial corrective serum proven to amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels. This unique formulation contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, proxylane™, and botanical extracts of licorice root and purple rice to support skin’s hyaluronic acid levels and deliver surface hydration, helping improve the visible appearance of firmness, smoothness, and facial plumpness. This hyaluronic acid serum may be used as part of a home skincare regimen after dermal fillers; always consult with your physician for individual at-home advice.


A multi-functional corrective serum to help amplify skin's hyaluronic acid levels

Medik8 Mutiny Lip Balm


Medik8’s Mutiny is a squalane-based lip balm alternative that seeks to call time on the cycle of chapped lips. Instead of masking the problem with short-term hydration, this nourishing salve actually replenishes lost lipids as it forms a skin-like shield to prevent further moisture loss.


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