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Amanda Harrington™ at Eighth & Eden

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™ is a revolutionary way of applying fake tan to the body by hand and by brush.

Her application method allows for a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan that can be sculpted and shaded to accentuate and define your natural form.

Amanda Harrington PERFECT BODY - Ultimate Gradual Tan

Amanda Harrington™ Luxury Tanning

At Eighth & Eden, we offer exclusively The Amanda Harrington Luxury Tanning Experience.

We are the only place in the UK where you can book at home tanning using Amanda Harrington’s products and technique.

Call us on 01905 783 888 to book your Amanda Harrington Luxury Tanning Experience at Eighth & Eden.

Amanda Harrington Tanning

Natural Glow

Amanda Harrington™ Luxury Tanning

Our tanning artists have all been trained by Amanda and her team, and are experts in providing a luxurious tanning experience individually tailored to each male or female form.

This unique brush-on application is combined with super-hydrating face and body products from the Amanda Harrington™ range, jam-packed with ingredients including CQ10, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Aloe Vera.

Products are custom blended according to each skin tone and applied in layers by hand and brush for a natural and streak-free finish.

Amanda Harrington NEW SKIN FACE - Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads
Amanda Harrington Luxury Tanning

Your Ultimate Guide To T-Shirt Tan

30 mins Experience

Our T-shirt is quicker than going for head-to-toe colour and makes so much more sense if you are wearing winter knits. Plus, it ensures your face matches your body, giving you a gorgeously even, all-over glow.

We are big fans for wearing less makeup and letting your skin shine through, which is another reason why we love this method. Layering a hyaluronic-based gradual tan with a lightweight face mist over the top creates a semi-permanent and natural looking bronzed glow that lets your skin do the talking.


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Amanda Harrington NATURAL HONEY BODY MOUSSE - Illuminating Bronzing Mousse
Amanda Harrington Luxury Tanning

Bespoke Body Contouring

Experience Amanda’s most popular treatment. The next level up from our Full Body Brush-On Tanning, the tanning artist will follow the body’s natural shape to define and shade targeted areas.

The result is a toned appearance, with emphasis on enhancing your natural silhouette and bone structure.

£110 – 60 mins

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Amanda Harrington NEW SKIN BODY - Advanced Glycolic Body Scrub
Tanning Expert

Meet Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts whose personalised and modern approach to tanning has earned her a cult following and an A-list client roster of Hollywood’s and London’s elite.

Amanda has always been obsessed by the natural form of the human body which has led to the development of her Bespoke Body Contouring Technique and Luxury Tanning Range.

A completely customisable method of bronzing the face and body with a colour that is personalised to individual skin tones and applied with luxurious tanning brushes to achieve a flawless tan.

The result is a natural, sculpting and long-lasting finish to the skin, transforming the face and body to its most beautiful.

Amanda Harrington NATURAL ROSE FACE SET - The 3-Step Tanning Method

Amanda Harrington™ in Clinic & Online

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At Eighth & Eden, we offer Amanda Harrington™ range of tanning products for face and body online or at our destination in Worcestershire.

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