Amanda Harrington™ X Eighth & Eden

Amanda Harrington™ X Eighth & Eden

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Dr Chloë introduces the AH experience at Eighth & Eden

Without the risk of sounding cliched this is not just any old tan, The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique By Amanda Harrington is a revolutionary way of applying fake tan to the body by hand and by brush.

How Tanning Makes Us Feel?

Nothing beats the feeling of the warm sun on your body. Moods are instantly lifted, smiles appear, and it always catapults our desire for bronzed, glowing skin. The safest way to get that sun-kissed look is by sunless tanning.

Who Is AH?

When I first met Amanda, it was apparent that not only was she a talented make up artist but also passionate for skin safety which is what inspired her to create her own range of sunless tanning products.


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with rates continuing to rise, so keep your skin safe, nourished and radiant through sunless tanning at home, or abroad.


With summer upon us I’m so excited to launch our in house AH experience @eighthandeden.

Our therapists have been trained by Amanda and her expert team to deliver…

The Bespoke Body Contouring Technique by Amanda Harrington™

The application method allows for a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan that can be sculpted and shaded to accentuate and define your natural form. Eighth and Eden is the only place outside of London where you can book tanning using Amanda Harrington’s products and technique.

Our tanning artists will provide a luxurious tanning experience individually tailored to each male or female form.

This unique brush-on application is combined with super-hydrating face and body products from the Amanda Harrington London range, jam-packed with ingredients including CQ10, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Aloe Vera. Products are custom blended according to each skin tone and applied in layers by hand and brush for a natural and streak-free finish.

My Experience…

I personally found my AH experience to be super relaxing but I loved the fact the tang does’t smell! I achieved a lovely overall glow as if sun kissed – the contouring technique brings out cheekbones, definition and makes you look as if you’ve lost 10 pounds! I’d recommend to anyone pre wedding, event or just as a treat to save doing yourself.

My tan lasted around 10 days and faded naturally with no flaky or streaky patches. I’m making this a regular as part of my beauty routine.

At Home…

To achieve a natural glow following Amanda’s revolutionary 3-Step Tanning Method for face and body, sets are available…


The 3-Step Tanning Method


Perfect Face, Ultimate Gradual Tan, Face Mist (1 pair of black gloves), The Face Lifter Brush





Full range available… Click here

In House Experience


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Email: [email protected]

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