Can The Buzzy EMsculpt® Treatment Really Give You Abs?

Can The Buzzy EMsculpt® Treatment Really Give You Abs?

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Everything to know about the first muscle-building machine- By Dr Chloë!

Body Sculpting with Emsculpt®
Body Sculpting with Emsculpt®

When I heard about EMsculpt® a new non-invasive, FDA-cleared, no-risk treatment that promises to build ab muscles and help flatten tummies, it sounded like the miracle I’d been waiting for to complement our Coolsculpting® Fat Freezing at Eighth & Eden.

But as a highly active, health-first person who knows the downside of abdominal fat (increased risk for heart disease) and the upside to a strong core (improved running and lifting, better balance and posture, and less back, neck, and knee pain) I was even more drawn in. And perhaps the best part: All it required was lying flat on a table, hooked up to a sleek machine. A treatment that builds muscle without introducing anything artificial to the body…It’s truly one of a kind.

How EMsculpt® Works…

Most body-shaping treatments are designed to eliminate fat or tighten skin using lasers or ultrasound, but EMsculpt’s® sole purpose is to firm specific areas—abs, bum, arms, legs by upping muscle mass. (Clinical research shows an average 19 percent increase in muscle thickness six to nine months post-treatment).

One EMsculpt® treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes.

Emsculpt for Men
Emsculpt® for Men

To achieve this, the machine emits high-intensity electromagnetic pulses to force muscular contractions—the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes—thus strengthening muscle fibres in a previously impossible amount of time. The fat loss—a 19 percent reduction—is actually just a welcome (and proven) side effect, one that can make a legit difference to your heart health.

What It’s Like To Get EMsculpt® Done…

We strap a plastic paddle around targeted treatment area. Vibrations come from the paddles and alternate between rounds of buzzing and hard taps, which feel like someone knocking on a sheet atop my stomach. It’s not painful. Each session takes 30 minutes, no downtime, no soreness, no redness… Courses are 4 or 6 sessions.

So Is EMsculpt® Worth The Cost?

The lack of downtime has made EMsculpt® wildly popular. The patient satisfaction is huge, so much so that some people come back for maintenance treatments every month. We’ve been seeing about five patients per day, and none have had any complaints. Statistics show half notice an immediate effect after one treatment, but 84 percent report a significant difference one month after completing the series; 90 percent, three months after.

An Honest Patient Review Of EMsculpt® Results…

My stomach didn’t look much different after my first session, but it felt harder when I poked it. At the gym after my second treatment, I swear my torso was sturdier during rows and lunges. After the third visit, I could hold planks for two straight minutes. Now, one month after my final session, I’ve noticed a slimmer waist and little lines starting to carve around my abs. And my doughnut is less pronounced, especially from the side, I’m not disappointed. I’m more confident than ever, and not just because I’m fitting into tinier tops. I love how strong I feel during my runs and workouts—the strongest I’ve felt yet. That’s the real miracle. Machine-made or not.

Wellness changes everything.

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