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Meet Dr Chloë

Founder of Eighth & Eden

Dr Chloë, Founder of Eighth & Eden

Based in the Worcestershire countryside just two hours away from London , Eighth and Eden was founded by Dr Chloë, who has spent over 20 years practicing facial aesthetics working for leading clinics and VIP clients.

However not satisfied with the offerings that were available for people seeking natural results, wellbeing improvement and trusted medical led programmes, Dr Chloë made it her mission to create a destination where people could become the best version of themselves in a sanctuary akin to Eden.

Dr Chloë, Founder of Eighth & Eden
world’s leading injector

The De Ager

Originally qualifying as a dentist over 20 years ago, Dr Chloë’s medical and facial anatomy knowledge bring a wealth of expertise to each journey alongside her passion for wellness which ensures the ultimate goal to improve wellbeing.


Dubbed by The Times as the “De Ager “ and recognised by her peers as one of the world’s leading injectors, Dr Chloë made a name for herself as THE go-to doctor for signature Eighth and Eden treatments which harness the body’s ability to reverse and prevent ageing. 

The METhod to a better you

The Method®

The Eighth & Eden Method is a consultation process which assesses wellbeing goals, structural and textural  changes, existing routines and new goals to tailor a journey uniquely bespoke to each individual.

By creating journeys using The Method the most natural results are delivered , goals achieved and a plan for maintenance can be put in place.

The Method® can be applied to any aspect of treatment at Eighth and Eden and can be adapted to any timeframe, budget or goal.


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Family, HERITAGE, values

Dr Eloise

Dr Chloë is lucky enough to work alongside her sister Dr Eloise who not only shares the same medical background, having qualified as a dentist nearly 20 years ago, but also her passion for wellness and natural results.

Dr Eloise, clinical lead on Laser and Body at Eighth and Eden collaborates regularly with Dr Chloë to continue to deliver The Method® and best treatment journeys.

The sisters mixed Chinese and Irish heritage have influenced the psyche of the Eighth & Eden ethos creating harmony, wisdom, honesty and trust.

It’s a hugely rewarding business to be a part of and we are just at the beginning.” explains Dr Eloise

THE present & the future

The Vision

To create a community of like minded people, a place where people can escape and reconnect and become the best version of themselves.

A completely bespoke service for each client, work with people on their goals and provide a journey to ensure these goals are met to their time frames, budget and lifestyle.

On the cusp of expansion the community continues to grow both physically and digitally.

Eighth and Eden’s physical space will incorporate new pillars to the core services, “Activate” fitness studios , “Stay” collaborative workspaces and “Nourish” café whilst our digital space sees more skincare brands curated and approved by Dr Chloë and a space for you to connect through editorials, videos and podcasts.

Eighth & Eden continues to make the elusive idea of Inner and Outer beauty a tangible experience,

A literal place providing, clarity, direction trust and commitment.


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Our team of experts will conduct a full consultation prior to your treatment to determine whether you are a suitable candidate and ensure you get the best from your treatment plan.


Treat Programmes

We offer medical, aesthetic and spa treatments, available to book individually or as bespoke clinic day packages.

Dr Chloë and her team tailor flexible treatments and programmes to suit your goals and achieve long-lasting natural results.

Let our expert team organise your VIP lifestyle with a personal one-to-one concierge service.

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