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Skin Rejuvenation From Head to Toe

Exilis Ultra 360 Radiofrequency at Eighth & Eden

Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Laxity Improvement

Exilis Ultra 360 is a medical grade radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity, and excessive fat. This is the solution for everybody from head to toe with no BMI or skin type restrictions with no downtime.

If you’re looking for a great way to shape and contour your body without the need for anaesthesia or surgery, then Exilis Ultra 360 is ideal for you. This multi-award winning skin tightening and fat reduction treatment has been clinically proven to remove stubborn fat from the body while also improving the texture and tone of your skin. Treating areas as broad as the face, neck, stomach, arms, back, thighs, knees, calves and chest (men only), Exilis Ultra 360 sends radiofrequency deep into the tissue layers of the skin, eliminating fat cells and shrinking loose skin in the process.

As everyone’s body is different, and everyone has varied goal weights, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach here. At Eighth & Eden, we create bespoke treatment plans for every single one of our clients to ensure they receive their desired results, while taking their health and personal safety into account.

Exilis Ultra 360 is ideal for anyone looking for a preventative treatment or a more dramatic cosmetic improvement once they begin to notice signs of ageing. It is also ideal for those looking for a solution to excess fat or skin in the specific “stubborn” area.

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At Eighth & Eden, most patients undergo a course 0f 6 treatments scheduled 7 days apart. Each treatment of a specific area usually takes from 30 to 60 minutes.

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Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage. You can lie down and relax during the procedure.

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Some patients report visible results after one treatment. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

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exilis ultra 360
Our Treatment

Shape and Contour Your Face & Body

Exilis Ultra 360 uses radiofrequency to gently heat the dermis and cause new collagen growth deep within the dermal layer. When used as a bodysculpting treatment, it also targets unwanted fat cells using radiofrequency waves, breaking fat cells down so that the body can safely carry them away. It’s the ideal body solution – reducing body fat and tightening the skin, all without the need for surgery!

The award-winning Exilis Ultra 360 is a clinically proven treatment to help you contour your body and reduce stubborn pockets of fat. When used on the face, it tightens your skin, giving you back that youthful appearance that we’re all after.

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exilis ultra 360

Target Sagging Skin With RadioFrequency Membership!

Exilis Ultra 360™ Memberships

Keep skin lifted, soften fine lines and firm facial contours with monthly Radiofrequency Exilis Ultra 360™ facials.

Sign up to membership 1 (one session a month) and receive 4 months free, saving £600.00 – Monthly cost £100*

Sign up to membership 2 (two sessions a month) and receive 6 months free , saving £1800.00 – Monthly cost £150*

(*Min. 12 month contract – Gift up to 2 sessions per year)
(*Roll on unused sessions – to be used within 12 month contract)


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Get 6 Exilis Ultra 360™ Sessions for the Price of 4

Get Faster Results with Exilis Ultra 360™

Book 6 sessions of Exilis Ultra 360™ for the price of 4 for £600 and pay £100per session instead of £150 for individual sessions.

BTL Exilis Ultra™ 360 is ideal for firming, tightening, and smoothing the skin, restoring sagging skin and providing a more youthful appearance overall.

At Eighth & Eden, we recommend 6 initial sessions to get optimum results followed by 1 session per month for maintenance.

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Our Team

In Safe Hands

Seat Back & Relax

Our doctors have an in depth understanding of your facial anatomy which makes them the best qualified person to understand, address your concerns and deliver the most natural results.

As a pain-free and pleasant treatment, you can be confident you’ll see truly excellent results from BTL Exilis Ultra 360 treatment without the high cost involved in surgery or with any significant downtime after treatment. Our highly trained and experienced clinical practitioners will work with you to achieve your desired outcome from Exilis treatment.

As your aftercare is paramount to us, our doctors are trained to delivering the highest standard of care for your following your treatment.

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Before & After

You can see the difference Exilis Ultra 360 can make in this before & after photo.

Our therapists have undergone in-depth training, and we provide ongoing in clinic support to help ensure high standards of care following your treatment.

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Our team of experts will conduct a full consultation prior to your treatment to determine whether you are a suitable candidate and ensure you get the best from your treatment plan.


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Dr Chloë and her team tailor flexible treatments and programmes to suit your goals and achieve long-lasting natural results.

Let our expert team organise your VIP lifestyle with a personal one-to-one concierge service.

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