Beauty treatments and wellness therapies at Eighth & Eden

Facial & Body Therapies


Everything you deserve

Put yourself in the skilled hands of our experts to achieve better health and vitality.

Inspired by Dr Chloë's skincare range, our facials and massages remain uncomplicated, yet highly effective to hydrate, protect and regenerate the skin, giving you a younger more balanced look.

Our professional Physiotherapist & Podiatrist are trained to help with a range of problems which affect health and movement using therapies, exercise, massage and other techniques.

Or simply put yourself in the skilled hands of our beauty experts and choose between a wide range of luxurious treatments for the body and face.

Organic benefits for your skin


Give your skin a reboot with a rehydrating facial to improve your skin elasticity and moisture or reduce the appearance of lines.

Our range of facials and peels will leave you radiant and glowing long after you've left Eight & Eden.

Healthy Body, Healthier Mind


Our experienced massage therapists can stimulate the lymphatic system to boost circulation for detoxing and immunity, relieve aching muscles, release tension, and restore calm to all areas of the body.

Makeup, lashes, brow tint, waxing, manicure & pedicure


At Eighth & Eden, we have a long list of luxurious beauty treatments available for women and men.

Restore Movement


Our physiotherapist offers extremely effective treatments and programmes to help you recover from injuries and illnesses.

As well as pain relief, one of the main aims of our resident physiotherapist is to restore physical function after injury, illness or surgery.

Improve mobility


We use holistic therapies and luxury products to relieve pain, improve the condition of the skin, and ensure you always stay light on your feet.

Energy healing


Reiki is a powerful form of energy therapy that has been proven to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and promote healing from within.

Meet the team

Eighth & Eden brings together doctors, healthcare professionals, fitness and nutrition coaches, skincare guides and wellness therapists with years of industry experience. Using expert knowledge, and only the best products and technology, they will tailor the best programmes to help you reach your personal goals