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How To Choose The Perfect Tanning Tint For Your Skin Tone

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Amanda has formulated a pioneering range of tanning tints to work with your natural skin undertones. Meet Amanda’s three unique tints, Natural Rose, Natural Honey and Natural Olive. The result is a natural, sculpting, and long-lasting finish to the skin, transforming the face and body to its most beautiful. Amanda has always striven to create a community where safe, sunless tanning is chosen over natural colouration of the skin. Amanda has created a tanning range which offers the same, natural tan that one can get on holiday, but safely. Our focus is on our customers achieving a healthy, natural glow that is not at the expense of their health.

How to Choose the Perfect Tanning Tint For Your Skin Tone

Amanda curated Natural Rose to suit a fairer skin tone. Most tans on the market look either yellow, sallow, or very red on paler skin tones. Therefore, Amanda mixed violet into an ashier based tan tone, to suit the cooler complexion and give you a colour lift that compliments your undertones. You would never know its ‘not your own’.

Amanda developed Natural Honey as a beautiful golden tone that mimics the look of a Californian glow. This colour is perfect for skin that has a yellow undertone or for those with a more sallow/ashen undertone that want to add a touch of warmth and life back into the limbs.

Amanda created Natural Olive to elevate yellow, green, or golden undertones which can at times appear sallow and need a lift back to life! Natural Olive is also perfect for anyone with darker skin who would like to enhance and even out their skin tone to a luminous, healthy looking colour. It blends so beautifully due to the lack of ‘red tones’ in the tints.

Choose from Natural Rose, Natural Honey or Natural Olive using this guide.

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