How to get rid of jowls by Dr Chloë

How To Get Rid Of jowls By Dr Chloë

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We don’t always want to race to the surgeon at the first signs of sagging skin and jowl appearance.
The Eighth & Eden method® considers HIFU and Exilis® Radio frequency as gold standard when it comes to rejuvenation, fighting gravity and reversing the appearance of jowls. They can be a stand alone alternative to any injectables or used to boost effects of treatments, maintain results and can even be used alongside HydraFacial® or Peel monthlies.


High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU facelift is the revolutionising procedure for facelift and skin tightening, an alternative for a surgical facelift with minimal risks and downtime involved. It’s a way to bank collagen, look natural and delay those signs of ageing.

It heats up the tissues and stimulates collagen production. Since collagen is the most important structural protein it plays an important role in the rejuvenation of the skin. It helps in refining wrinkles and defining facial features by contouring the face, lifting up brows, and giving more pronounced cheekbones and chiseled jawlines. Collagen helps give a tighter, firm skin.
HIFU delivers ultrasound energy into the skin that stimulates and formulates collagen regeneration, allowing for a more focused treatment and immediate lift. By stimulating new collagen, the natural looking results of the HIFU and a near painless experience, makes it a winner.
However the true magic of HIFU is the delayed result, with additional firming occurring throughout the subsequent 3- 12 months post-treatment. I would recommend 2-3 HIFU treatments per year goal depending.
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Exilis® Ultra 360

Exilis® combines radio frequency and ultrasound to firm skin. During treatment old collagen fibres are disrupted and new collagen formation is initiated leading to deep tissue and skin improvement. Consistent treatments with Exilis® lead to a tighter, firmer jawlines and a reduction in the appearance of jowls.

Suitable for: Appearance of jowls, larger pores, lack of definition, loose skin, maintenance of facelift surgery and prevention.

Results: Natural, an alternative to Botox and fillers, no downtime, firmer jawline.
Goals: It’s not the goal to reverse yourself. The goal is just to maintain yourself and fight the thing that’s causing most of our damage, which is collagen loss and gravity.
Benefits: The ultimate benefits with Exilis® are seen cumulatively, you’ll see a difference after treatment 1 but once in to your course the results become more obvious. I recommend an intensive 6 week crash course if wrinkles or loose skin is very obvious – if not go straight on to monthly maintenance.
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Skincare: Don’t forget the reason jowls are appearing is because of ageing!

So grab the vital three to slow down, repair and protect:

Vitamin C – Protect

Obagi Professional-C 15% sERUM- Suitable for normal/ combination skin


Retinol- Repair

Obagi Retinol, 1.0


SPF – Protect

SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening- SPF 50