How To Look 10 Years Younger

How To Look 10 Years Younger: Secrets Of Anti-Ageing

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How To Look 10 Years Younger

We are all in this together, we all age, but it is up to us to take control of the ageing process. We have the power to dictate how we want to age, rather than have it foisted upon us.  We can decide whether we want to look like middle-aged women or not. The two main tools to combat ageing are food and exercise (sadly, there is no magical anti-ageing “cure” that involves no effort).

Below are some other factors on how to look the best version of YOU.


Anti wrinkle injectables are one of the most effective anti­-ageing treatments because they get to the cause of lines and wrinkles on the upper part of the face.


Even if a person’s face looks great and youthful, it can be that their hands may give their age away. Some reports indicate anti-ageing hand treatments have increased by 16% in the last year.
As we age, our skin thins and loses its structure and substance more easily, this can be especially noticeable on the hands. We can treat your hands using dermal filler injections. This treatment provides hydration, which improves skin health and skin tone


We all know how important our skin care routines are and our evening skin care routine is key to keeping your skin looking the best it can. Overnight is when our cells repair and rebuild. Since sleep is so important to our skin’s health, let’s make the most of that crucial time and make sure we give our skin what it needs to look its best!

Here is my simple guide you can follow for your evening skincare routine:

CLEANSE: The first step of your evening skin care routine is cleanse your face to wash off all the makeup and dirt, and generally wash off the day.

SERUM: Step  2 is apply a Serum. Serums come in a gel-like formula and contain a high concentration of active ingredients like anti-ageing, brightening or moisturising. Serum is best absorbed when your skin is still moist, so use it after your cleanse, so your skin can take in all the ingredients.

NIGHT CREAM: After you apply serum to your skin, next up is moisturiser. No matter what type of skin you have, you can benefit from a moisturiser. As stated previously, skin does all its repairing at night, night creams are aimed at recovery and moisturising. Night moisturisers contain the highest intensity of anti-ageing ingredients since there isn’t any intrusion from sunscreen.

EYE BALM: Some people prefer to only use their facial moisturiser and not a separate eye cream. And that’s all good, some ladies are blessed with skin that only requires the bare basics. If you need a little more TLC and have concerns about lines, puffiness or dark circles, a separate eye cream can really help penetrate the thin skin in the eye area and really make a difference in your appearance!

LIP BALM: Our lips are another area of our face with thin skin that needs extra TLC. If your lips feel a little rough, you can exfoliate with a lip scrub or take a damp, soft cloth and gently rub your lips. Then, apply a moisturising lip balm to keep your pucker soft and smooth! (SHOP NOW)


From 25 to 55 you have to be as natural as possible, otherwise you will look older than you really are. And from 55 on you need to do something to refresh your hair, maybe cut it shorter or dye it a lighter shade. Older skin needs a lighter colour and if you have a lot of grey hair a lighter colour makes maintenance easier too. Just as our skin ages, so does our hair. We need to moisturise it more and pay more attention to it. The oil glands shrink with age and produce less oil, hence the lack of shine and moisture, and the diameter of your hair gets smaller so you have less body.