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Mood Boosting Wrinkle Relaxer

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Patient: “Doctor, I’m depressed!”

Doctor: “Here’s a prescription for some Wrinkle Relaxer…..”

 Whatever your feelings about Wrinkle Relaxer, your understanding is probably that it temporarily paralyses the muscle erasing or preventing wrinkles and you’d be correct but do you know all the medical applications ?

Conditions such as muscle spasticity, jawclenching, bladder dysfunction, spinal cord injury, strabismus, infantile esotropia, migraine, excessive sweating, acne, neuropathic pain and the evaluation of new treatments using Botox for chronic pain.

But now for the latest …MOOD BOOSTING!

Can Wrinkle Relaxer make us feel better?

Looking beautiful is so closely linked to emotional wellbeing. It’s been proved by psychologists, we all know to look good makes us feel good, our clinic motto in fact.

However this isn’t about how facial aesthetics makes us feel post treatment. Undeniably it improves self esteem and confidence .

A trip to the clinic can often be a first step in to recovery after a messy divorce or life changing event or be the enhancement you need to give you the confidence to go for that job interview or on that date.

People attend the clinic not necessarily to change how they look, they just want to feel good about themselves and i’m so happy and privileged to be able to help people do this.

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This goes deeper than that though, Allergan are moving Botox into late clinical trials for use in treating major depressive disorder (MDD) in women. Early results are showing that Wrinkle Relaxer’s impact on depression is statistically significant. They believe that the modifying the facial muscles contraction has an effect on the brain chemical imbalances that contribute to MDD.

In a nutshell our facial expressions contribute to the way we feel so by restricting the ability to frown will restrict the ability to feel sad.

The benefits to this could be huge as Wrinkle Relaxer does not have the side effects we see from antidepressants such as sexual dysfunction and weight gain.

So ironically for all the haters out there who may find themselves with tired and angry faces sitting in the doctor’s surgery in a few years time saying

“Please Doctor I feel depressed!”, could get a surprise when he/she says: “Here’s a prescription for some ….”