Podiatry services in Worcestershire



Happy feet

Healthy feet are key for maintaining an active lifestyle, and our resident podiatrist offers specialist advice and treatments to improve your mobility and independence through the prevention and management of foot problems.

Our podiatrist will treat bone and joint disorders, muscular problems and neurological or circulatory diseases, as well as providing expert skin care.

Even if your feet are in generally good condition, an appointment with a podiatrist every so often can help to keep your feet in tiptop condition. It’s easy to overlook problems with verrucas, cracked heels and ingrown toenails, however these issues can eventually result in painful conditions and infections. A podiatrist can treat a range of issues including corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, foot odour, flat fleet and bunions.


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Enhance programmes

Our programmes feature a combination of treatments, therapies, and other services from each of our four routes - Enhance, Treat, Nourish and Activate. Following a full consultation, our expert guides will tailor an Eighth & Eden programme that is bespoke to you.