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How Clean Is Your Body Oil?

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There’s something undeniably decadent about a body oil: Ultra-moisturizing and wildly luxurious to the touch, it leaves your skin more glowy, firm, and supple. It is also not something you smooth on and then dash off to work— even oils that sink in relatively quickly do take a minute. Body oils are in fact for taking a minute for yourself.

A conventional body oil can be, like a conventional body cream, pretty bad: Mineral oil and silicones infused with artificial fragrances and colorants. Slather your body in them and you expose yourself to many more toxins—carcinogens and endocrine disruptors as well as plain old skin irritants—than you would with say, an eye cream.

The manner in which even natural, plant-based oils are extracted also makes a difference: Harsh solvents leave toxic residues in the oil that your skin readily absorbs. And oils labeled “bath” oils are often cut with solvents and/or drying surfactants to make them foam, or to make them less greasy on the surface of a tub.

In the same way that face oil simplified and revolutionized skincare for many people (suddenly, the centuries-old essential of indigenous women across the globe made more sense than the 17-million-ingredient conventional skincare concoctions designed to attract with texture and scent as opposed to results), the best body oils turn out to be incredibly multipurpose. Beyond their amazing moisturizing and firming qualities, great body oils work in place of conventional perfume, as bath oil, and even hair oil in most cases. Our favorites, below, combine beautiful scents, exquisite texture, and serious skin benefits.

Rodin Luxury Body Oil

This is made with the same impossibly deluxe ingredients as the best-selling, life-changing Olio Lusso face oil. The incredibly moisturizing, beautifully scented (it’s made with 11 plant and flower oils, from vitamin-C-packed neroli to evening primrose, rosehip, and calendula) body oil sinks into skin and truly leaves you glowing. Former model/stylist Linda Rodin created it; one look at her skin, and you’ll want to have what she’s having. Models, designers, stylists, photographers, and …pretty much everyone in the fashion industry is obsessed.

Ren Skincare  Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra Moisture Body Oil

Rose otto is one of the most sought after essential oils because of its healing, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing properties, making this one of the best body oils on the market right now.

Body Treatment Oil: Ylang, Tamanu & Mega 7 – 100 Ml

A highly absorbent Body Oil formulated with a sensuous and potent blend of botanical active ingredients that soften and smooth while increasing skin elasticity and hydration noticeably improving skin texture and appearance.

Energising Body Oil

A revitalising and zesty body oil to deliver an energising boost and awaken the senses. Peppermint and Eucalyptus swiftly enliven and energise, while Rosemary helps focus the mind and Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes, for beautifully soft, supple skin.