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Kim Kardashian’s Unrealistic New Years’ Resolution

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Kim Kardashian has vowed to spend less time on her phone in the new year which is an amazing statement and i wish her good luck in being able to achieve it!

Why Do Resolutions Fail?

Kim may find her resolution in the 50% failure rate through no fault of her own. A lot of resolutions fail because they’re not the right resolutions either bring created based on what someone else is telling you to change, it’s too vague or you don’t have a realistic plan for achieving your resolution.

Tips On How Not To Fail

Pick the right resolution

Set a goal that’s doable and meaningful

Goals should be specific , measurable , achievable, relevant and time bound

Focus on small wins so you can make gradual progress , this way you’re building a habit. According to Charles Duhigg , author of ” The Power of Habit” you’re planning for the nest decade , not the next couple of months.


Plan how you’re going  to achieve your goals and what stumbling blocks you may encounter along the way.

For instance if it’s a bad habit – how are you going to break the habit and what drives you to this habit?

There’s always a cue to the bad habit and the reward of the bad habit becomes part of your routine so you need to change your behaviour to break the cycle. Replace the bad habit with  alternative behaviour / pattern to still be regarded but in a better/healthier way.

Any resolution plan should allow for slip ups, don’t berate yourself and focus on the good you’re doing to yourself and keep going.

Feel free to start fresh

Remember , a resolution does not need to be tied to New Year’s. It can be following a weekend, a birthday . A long as you’re ready to give it another go, you don’t need to wait for another year to come round to start agin.

Be kind to yourself,  you can spin things around in to a positive and succeed.

Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!