The Acne Eraser

The Acne Eraser

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The Results

I know that it’s a sad fact that for many, acne doesn’t just magically disappear the day after we leave school.

I really wanted to make it my mission to wrap up products and in-house treatments, so I created a dual layered strategy called THE ACNE ERASER to help people win their acne battle.

I know that achieving clear skin isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. It’s not about guilt, blanket remedies or a bathroom full of miracle products. Instead, it’s a personal path paved with thoughtful dietary choices, the right products, compassionate support and long-lasting lifestyle adjustments.

Method = The Steps + The products

The Steps

Starter peel to reduce inflammation, bacteria and de-clog pores.

Micro Wrinkle Relaxer, this lesser known use of Wrinkle Relaxer injected in microdroplets reduces sebum production – one of the main causes of acne.

Remaining Peels in-house to continue to work with skin cycles, monitor lifestyle choices, support and guidance.

 The Products

Inner Beauty Support- Cleanse By The Beauty Chef

Skincare- SkinCeuticals

The Schedule

7 appointments, scheduled every 2 weeks. £950.

To book our programme THE ACNE ERASER call: 01905 783 888.

Dr Chloë.

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