Reverse Neck Neglect!

Reverse Neck Neglect!

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Nothing like poor Zoom lighting to make you consider your tech neck. Don’t worry- we have solves for that!

In this moment of pandemic caution–work from home, school from home, daily existential crisis from home–we are spending less time with other people and a lot more time with ourselves, which means we should probably start paying attention to areas we might be ignoring. Eighth & Eden has experienced a flurry of messages from clients who are all of a sudden painfully aware of an area that had previously gone unnoticed–the neck.

Founder of Eighth & Eden Dr. Chloe says, “While you can always apply your face cream on your neck with some improvement to skin quality, the skin on the neck is different and requires targeted treatment to address its needs.”

Luckily, the experts here at Eighth & Eden have an arsenal of powerful, effective, products ready to tackle years of neck neglect. So, don’t panic–it’s not too late. Times are tough, so take this opportunity to give yourself (and your neck) a little extra care!


The Ultimate Treatment Package For The Neck- Lift & Glow

Our signature Lift & Glow treatment consists of a combination HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) & 2 sessions of Profhilo® (Injectable Hyaluronic Acid). The combination therapy improves skin quality and laxity by stimulating triggering collagen production to create lifting and tightening. Results: Smoother, lifted and tighter skin with a natural glow.

Package price: £850.00- saving £250.00 | Payments can be spread across 3 appointments!


If Tools Are Your Thing Then Think LED, Dermalux®

Make a habit of using this little powerhouse on your neck and jawline as well as your face to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate blood flow, and help your products penetrate. It’s a great way to relax, improve wellbeing and help actives work better. Why not add on to exiting treatments or simply book a power course?

Dermalux® LED Therapy Add-on | Duration: 15 minutes: £25.00

Finding Yourself Lost (And A Little Less Firm) Without Your Monthly Facial?

The Eighth & Eden TRI facial is here for you. These seemingly magical HIFU sessions combined with HydraFacial® and Dermalux® will tighten and firm the skin not only on the face but also the neck while increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage. You will be hard pressed to find something that will beat a monthly TRIFACIAL.

This two hour Tri-Facial combines HydraFacial®, HIFU Facelift and Dermalux® technology: £450.00


SkinCeuticals® Tripeptide- R Neck Repair

Craving instant gratification? Get brighter, smoother skin you can feel right away with this lightweight targeted neck cream product. This high performance retinol cream reduces appearance of horizontal lines on the neck, improves firmness and hydration.


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SkinCeuticals® Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF50 Moisturiser

Designed to both prevent and correct, the new Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF50 is the brand’s first dual-action sunscreen. Suitable for all skin types, apply a generous amount to clean dry skin on the face AND neck every morning for best results.


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