Lifestyle management services in Worcestershire

VIP Concierge

Your personalised experience

Take the stress out of everyday life

We have a luxury concierge service dedicated to 360° lifestyle offering dictated by the needs and wants of our clients in addition to providing bespoke access to the clinic.

We have a team in place to manage everything from travel, accommodation to restaurants.

Our in-house experts will help take care of every aspects of your stay with his insuring that your experience is the best our clinic has to offer.

Let us take care of the hard work for you

We are a destination clinic delivering bespoke programmes with multiple treatments that can be undertaken over the course of a day or a few days.

We understand the needs of our VIP clients that lead very busy lives but require a discreet environment where they escape to take some time off for themselves.

We offer concierge for convenience organising everything from your transport to accommodation to treatment programmes and dietary requirements.

If you are travelling from abroad or from any distance, please contact concierge to organise your day.