So You Have the Wedding Dress. Now What?

So You Have the Wedding Dress. Now What?

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Good news: You found your wedding dress, and you love it…Congratulations!

So next on your list is the beauty countdown, Dr Chloë reveals the Eighth & Eden WEDDING METHOD®!

“At your first visit your treatment journey will be created based on our method® to ensure you achieve your goals in time for your wedding day” explains Dr Chloë. Whether your wedding is two weeks or two years away I always advise coming in as soon as possible as some treatments can take time to work or benefit from cumulative treatments. Using our tried and trusted method™ we take the pressure off the bride leaving her in complete control of her own timeline, budget and understanding of the treatment journey in the lead up to the big day. It’s not just for brides either, we’ve seen an increase in the number of grooms, mother of the bride and bridesmaids plus not forgetting same sex weddings.

Our Method®:


Recommended Timeline

 1 year 

Structure, Face: Dermal fillers + Anti-wrinkle injections, for volume loss, asymmetry correction and wrinkle reduction. This gives time for treatment to settle, trial injectables and slowly achieve restoration or changes.

Structure, Body: Coolsculpting®, non-surgical fat freezing can take 6 months to achieve full results so it’s best to address early on. This treatment is suitable for all areas of the body including: Stomach, chin, knees, bingo wings, inner/ outer thighs, bra fat and ankles.

Skincare: If you have major skin concerns such as acne and uneven pigmentation, it’s best to get the situation under control. This is the time we would prescribe topicals, like retinoids. In addition, brown spots, fine lines, pores, and redness can be attended to with laser, chemical peels or microneedling.

6 months 

Texture: Face

Microneedling or light peels to target any uneven skin texture and skin firmness. If multiple treatments are required, we can schedule these in accordingly.

3 months 

Structure & Texture, Face: HIFU Facelift with Ultraformer® III. The non-surgical facelift uses ultrasound technology to promote collagen regeneration deep below the skin’s surface, restoring youthful strength and elasticity.

Profhilo® injectable moisturiser to achieve a glowing complexion and plump skin.

Structure & Texture, Body: HIFU skin tightening to tighten body areas in combination with Profhilo® to improve skin texture on body such as knees, tummy and arms.

Two Months Prior

Skincare & Wellbeing: Book your Amanda Harrington™ London tan trial.

Whether you’re a sunless tanning newbie or an avid applier, be sure to test colour way in advance so you have enough time to see what works best for your skin tone – just as you would with your hair and makeup – so that there are no surprises on the day! The bespoke body contouring experience individually tailored to the male or female form.

Put in the work at home with inner beauty supplements for a healthy gut by The Beauty Chef®. This is a programme of elixirs to complement treatments and get complexion glowing.

One Month Prior

Skincare: Hydrafacial® 6 step medical-grade facial to boost your pre-ceremony glow. HydraFacial® uses non-invasive, patented vortex technology to detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, and decongest the pores.

Three Weeks Prior

Wellbeing: Enlighten® Teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

One Week Prior

Tri facial: One last microcurrent facial, which Dr Chloë says is her favourite way to prep clients for any big event, will help make your cheekbones and jaw more defined. Perfect for those wedding snaps!

Prep your hands and feet: Your hands play a big role in your wedding day – especially the left one! All eyes will cast down to you and your groom’s ring hands as the vows are made and the ring is placed pride of place on your finger. No matter if you’re a seasoned mani-pedi fan or a complete novice you’ll want to ensure your hands look their best on your big day. A Medical Pedicure treatment is step one for your feet prep with our in-house Podiatrist Patty. Followed by a Luxury gel manicure and pedicure to add a touch of colour and class to your hands and feet.

Two days before 

The most important thing to focus on during your wedding day is feeling your best, and a faux-glow does just that. Instantly boosting confidence and illuminating skin so you look the very best version of yourself. The Amanda Harrington™ London experience leaves you looking natural and flawless with no tanning disasters on your big day!

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