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Eighth & Eden’s Mummy Makeover!

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Fat Reduction with Vanquish ME
Fat Reduction with Vanquish ME

“Women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth can experience body hang ups” explains Dr Chloë. “Exercise and healthy eating alone can’t always address this alone but at Eighth & Eden we have numerous technologies that offer effective results which is where we can help”

Eighth & Eden Method® X Mummy Makeover…

Concerns addressed: Excess fat, muscle tone and loose skin.

Using the Eighth & Eden Method®, Dr Chloë has created a combination treatment plan using three devices that combat excess fat, weakened muscles including Diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) and loosened skin.


What is included:

CoolSculpting®… A leading non-invasive fat reduction treatment with long term results. Cryolipolysis involves exposing fat cells to low temperatures resulting in fat cell death. Stubborn fat areas are targeted to reduce fat pockets without the need to go under the knife, contouring the tummy area.

Emsculpt®…Builds muscle and sculpts the body using high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate high frequency exercise improving the tone and strength of your muscles.

Body Sculpting with Emsculpt®
Body Sculpting with Emsculpt®

Exilis Elite™… Radio-frequency gently heats the dermis and stimulates new collagen growth, tightening and smoothing loose skin.

Total package cost: £5,400

£900 per session: 6 sessions included. Payments can be split across 6 appointments.

SAVING: £2000.

Cellulite Reduction with Exilis Ultra 360
Cellulite Reduction with Exilis Ultra 360

Appointment schedule:

Appointment 1: 1st CoolSculpting® treatment

4 weeks later:

Appointment 2: 2nd CoolSculpting® treatment

4 weeks later: (The below appointments are scheduled 1 session per week, every 4 weeks).

Appointment 3: 1st Emsculpt® + 1st Exilis™

Appointment 4: 2nd Emsculpt® + 2nd Exilis™

Appointment 5: 3rd Emsculpt® + 3rd Exilis™

Appointment 6: 4th Emsculpt® + 4th Exilis™


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