3 Key Tips For Creating A Garden Ready For Summer

3 Key Tips For Creating A Garden Ready For Summer

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I am Skyla an Interior Designer.

I have always been passionate about interior design and styling. I love combining elements of design to create my ideal living space. I have such a love for travel, with my favourite being Bali, Lisbon and Italy. My travels influence my design; I would describe my style as calm, natural, light with soft minimal touches. Summer is my favourite season, from hosting garden parties to those long warm summer nights. What is there not to love?! No doubt you will be waiting to get back into the garden and this year with so many of us staying at home this year I thought it would be lovely to bring some ideas to share.


The garden is an extension of me. I like to spend as much time outside as I can, I have designed our garden to feel like an extra living area to our home.

What has influenced the style of our garden is fragments of special places we have visited, for example our Ooni pizza oven, which brings our love for Italy Cuisine home.

Plants and flowers also play a big part; I have picked plants to bring the tropical feel that takes me back to Bali. Another place of design inspiration is Mykonos from using wooden lantern’s around the garden that light up at night and using natural textiles in our seating area to bring in a bohemian feel.

Creating Entertainment Space

Create an area with relaxed seating, textured cushions and throws. Add additional elements such as lights and a fire pit. By lighting up your area it makes it feel like another room on to the house, which in the summer you will appreciate. Music is always a great way to set the style of the evening and really enhances your guests experiences. It could be an Italian playlist living the Dolce Vita Lifestyle whilst sipping on an Aperol Spritz or unwind with a chilled playlist, cocktail and your favourite foods and just take in the summer evenings.


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Creating An Atmosphere With Nature

Planting is an extension of your personality it is important to show this in your garden. It really reflects you, your experiences and how you feel. Everyone’s style is different and this is what makes gardens unique, from your English country garden to your Mediterranean hideout plant what makes you feel good.

I personally love bamboo trees, which remind me of our Bali trip, it retells one of our favourite stories, walking through the rice paddy fields.

Olive trees are another love of mine! I have filled our garden with various large olive trees. They look great all year round and are easy to maintain. Not only do they look beautiful they remind us of our favourite European destination. You can get these in a variety of styles and sizes from You Garden and display perfectly in all types of garden settings. Watching your garden grow over the years brings you so much joy and a feel of achievement. Bring on those warm summer months!!


Grow Your Garden Kitchen

Recently I started studying floral design at Tallulah Rose Flower School, which led me onto growing my own flowers. This hobby gives me a real sense of achievement as I can add personal touches to the floral bouquets I create for all types of occasions.

I have recently started growing my own garden kitchen; growing tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and garlic. (All of my favourites). These all become toppings on our Pizza. You can’t beat eating your own produce. Or try starting off with a herb, a great way to begin.

When I am making cocktails in the summer I like to use gin as a base cocktails picking rosemary or mint leaves from our herb garden to add to the glasses. A new favourite of mine are edible viola flowers, they are so easy to grow and just by cutting a flower head off and dropping into a glass of bubbles makes it all so much more fun for summer.


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Now it’s your turn to create your perfect summer garden so that you can invite your guests and create an experience they won’t forget.

Happy planting!!!