Redefining Beauty With Eighth & Eden’s Signature Treatment

Redefining Beauty With Eighth & Eden’s Signature Treatment

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‘The Lift & Glow’

“We’ve redefined what beauty means,” says Dr. Chloë. “It’s less about being handed down an archaic and ill-fitting beauty standard from the cover of a magazine and more of a feeling and being the best version of yourself.”

The intention has shifted from changing and excessive age defying to subtle tweaks that make you look great but never different or contrived. Dr. Chloë introduces you to Eighth and Eden’s signature treatment ‘The Lift and Glow.’

The  Lift & Glow

The Treatment:

 Consists of a combination HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) & 2 sessions of Profhilo® (Injectable Hyaluronic Acid). The combination therapy improves skin quality and laxity by stimulating and triggering collagen production to create lifting and tightening.

The Target:

Face or Neck, crepey skin, ageing skin, sagging skin. Wrinkles, loss of jawline definition, prevention and maintenance.

The Method: 

We use focused Ultrasound to deliver energy and lift skin. “Think of what traditional CACI methods try to deliver and times it by 10.” Dr. Chloë  explains. “By adding Profhilo® you’re going to get a lot more tightening, textural, and cosmetic improvements than you would from something totally noninvasive. Because both HIFU and Profhilo® boost collagen production, the benefits include plumping, perking up skin and smoothing out creases.”

The best part: 

Lift & Glow works on all skin tones, is extremely safe and gives a natural look which is why it has become our most popular signature treatment.

The Time Commitment: 

Treatments average an hour.

Three appointments in total.


Smoother, lifted and tighter skin with a natural glow.

Immediate and keep improving for 3 months thereafter .


Every 6- 9 months



£850.00 SAVING £250.00

Payments can be spread across 3 appointments!

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