My 4 Step Strategy for Shiny Hair

My 4 Step Strategy for Shiny Hair

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4 Steps to Your Shiniest Hair Yet

Our founder Chloë has spent years testing and trialing different hair brands and products, and now she has the solutions. Here are the secrets behind her crowning glory.


 #1 It all starts with the scalp 

There is a lot in the press about ‘scalp health’ at the moment, with new products and even ‘scalp facials’ featuring on the menus at hair salons. Traditionally an unglamorous topic, you wouldn’t hear people talking about dandruff or a dry scalp as you would dry, sensitised skin. But I’m delighted to say the skin on our heads is getting the attention it deserves as it is fundamental to healthy-looking, shiny hair. There are some amazing trichology brands out there, such as The Hair Boss  developed by my friend Lisa Shepherd. The Hair Boss is the go-to brand to tackle hair problems and complaints. I explained to Lisa that I wanted some extra moisture and shine, so she recommended I tried The Double Hair Mask. In just 5-minutes this creamy mask deeply cleanses and nourishes hair. The result is instantaneously detangled healthy hair with softness and shine. If you don’t want to add to your existing regime, try double-shampooing (like double cleansing, for your hair) to ensure a squeaky-clean scalp. You really will notice the difference.


 #2 Treat your tresses to a turban 

My hairdresser has always told me not to ‘scrub’ my hair dry with a towel, as it can be very damaging, so when I read about a hair turban that not only prevented cold water dripping down my back but protected the hair, I just had to get my hands on one. The Rapid Dry Hair Turban is chic, convenient and a total game-changer, all thanks to the innovative woven material and ultra-fine fibres.  It dries my hair faster, fights frizz, boosts shine and allows me to crack on with my morning make-up and evening skincare regimes without cold strands of hair and dripping water dampening my style.


 #3 Cocoon your hair in moisture 

Oribe is one of those brands that makes you slightly wince at the price tags, but you don’t think twice when you see the results. Yes, £44 for a shampoo is a lot, but by investing in the right care products for my hair has allowed me to spend less time and money on styling it. Created by the late hairdresser, Oribe Canales, who worked with every A-lister from Naomi Campbell to Cindy Crawford, bottled all of his secrets and know-how and I am ob-sessed! The range is vast and there is something for everyone but my personal favourite is the Côte d’Azur Hair Refresher, which is a fragrance for your magnificent mane. It features the brand’s celebrated Cote d’Azur scent, developed with a classic French fragrance house and featuring notes of Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood. I hail it as my number one hair hero!


#4 Inner Beauty Support

I make sure my diet is loaded with fatty acids (flaxseed oil, avocado, seeds, fish and nuts), vitamins and a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, but I top-up my nutritious diet with The Beauty Chef GLOW. Whether you are struggling to get your hair to grow, have experienced post-partum hair loss or find that the chemical processes you put your hair through (colouring, perming, straightening) weaken and damage it. The Beauty Chef products are loaded with Organic wholefoods including bio-fermented maqui berries, pomegranate fruit peel, Vitamin C and zinc to help support healthy hair and nails.

Dr Chloë.


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