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FREE Emsella® Consultation

FREE Emsella® Consultation

Body ageing, childbirth and menopause can lead to incontinence. Now you can let urinary incontinence and bladder problems be a thing of the past with our new Emsella® Chair!

A breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence. This unique technology revolutionises intimate health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option.

How does it work?

A single Emsella® session brings thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinent patients.

  • 95% patient satisfaction
  • Treats entire pelvic floor region
  • Quick and painless
  • Patients remain fully clothed -The chair uses the same HIFEM technology as our Emsculpt® treatment – combine both for the ultimate core tightening treatment.

Call us on 01905 783 888 if you would like to discuss your consultation prior to booking.