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Liz, our resident Sports & Oncology Massage Therapist with years of experience in pain management, avoiding surgery, improving mobility and movement, recovery from injury or trauma, recovery from stroke or paralysis, fall prevention, improvement balance and management of age-related medical conditions.

As well as determining and treating the root cause of pain and prescribing home exercises for effective rehabilitation, we can offer practical advice to help prevent future injuries, increase overall body strength, and improve mobility.


Liz Physiotherapist

Health & Fitness

Liz’s interest and thirst for knowledge on all things related to the human body, including both physical and emotional well-being is key to her effective treatment. Liz is passionate about health and exercise and providing a service that enables others to reach their full potential and feel well is extremely important to her.


Sports Massage

Liz offers sports massages to help recovery, injury prevention and injury rehab. Liz has worked with a wide-range of clients from professional athletes to those with non sporting musculoskeletal injuries addressing mobility, tension and muscular pain.

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Massage Blading

Massage blading is a gentle, instrument lead massage to assist soft tissue mobilisation. The blade acts as an extension of the hands and allows to gently identify and breakdown scar tissue adhesions and fascism restrictions.

It will gently breakdown scar tissue, thus correcting joint function to reduce pain, improve flexibility & assist posture

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Oncology Massage

Health & Wellbeing

Oncology massage is a specialist massage therapy for those who have been diagnosed with, or are recovering from cancer. It is a gentle, considered and informed therapy, which is tailored to suit the needs of the patient regarding their current state of health.

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Our team of experts will conduct a full consultation prior to your treatment to determine whether you are a suitable candidate and ensure you get the best from your treatment plan.


Treat Programmes

We offer medical, aesthetic and spa treatments, available to book individually or as bespoke clinic day packages.

Dr Chloë and her team tailor flexible treatments and programmes to suit your goals and achieve long-lasting natural results.

Let our expert team organise your VIP lifestyle with a personal one-to-one concierge service.

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