Eighth & Eden

Behind the brand

Our Vision

In Eighth & Eden, we have created a place where the elusive idea of inner and outer beauty becomes a tangible experience and where the concepts of wellbeing, nature and nurture can radiate.

This, to us, is Eden – a place to escape and reconnect.

Eighth & Eden goal is to help people become better versions of themselves. This is why we established Eighth & Eden, a destination where people can discover wellness and aesthetic programmes based on the fundamental actions of Enhance, Treat, Nourish and Activate to aid them on their wellness journey.

Why the number 8?

The number eight holds much significance for Dr Chloë. It represents her Chinese heritage from my grandparents, who are from Hong Kong. Throughout her life, the number eight has brought her peace, harmony and balance, helping her to plan and discover new paths.


We wanted to translate the notion of wellbeing & internal / external beauty into a place that resonated with the very essence of a stress free existence.
It is green & abundant, it radiates with nature & nurturing.
It symbolises utopia - a heaven on earth - a place to escape and reconnect.