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Eighth & Eden Method

Our method

We focus on listening to you and your concerns during a face-to-face or virtual consultation.

A bespoke programme is created for you to meet all your goals and timescales.

Our aim is to deliver the most natural results.

Once you have achieved your aesthetic goals, we can advise you on maintenance programmes and will provide you with the upmost aftercare.


What we offer

We offer the highest medical grade and non-surgical treatments, only using the latest and most advanced products and clinically proven devices.

We have a 360° degree holistic approach to aesthetics ranging from body contouring and sculpting to facial rejuvenation, skin health and body therapies.

All treatments are available to book individually or as bespoke clinic day packages.

Stay for one hour, a day or overnight...

Let our expert team organise your VIP lifestyle with a personal one-to-one concierge service.

We do all the hard work for you before your arrival to give you an unforgettable experience.

In safe hands

Our doctors have an in depth understanding of your facial anatomy which makes them the best qualified person to understand, address your concerns and deliver the most natural results.

As your aftercare is paramount to us, our doctors are trained to delivering the highest standard of care for your following your treatment.

Skin analysis

An important part of your skin consultation to get your skin analysed to address hidden sun damage, pigmentation, blocked pores, acne, wrinkles and fine lines.

Our skin scanner gives you a precise evaluation of how much damage has occurred underneath your skin and allows us to then prescribe clinically proven and specially formulated skincare program based on your current skin condition.


Our programmes feature a combination of treatments, therapies, and other services from each of our four routes - Enhance, Treat, Nourish and Activate. Following a full consultation, our expert guides will tailor an Eighth & Eden programme that is bespoke to you. 

Meet the team

Eighth & Eden brings together skincare experts, wellness therapists, fitness coaches, and aesthetic practitioners with years of industry experience. Using expert knowledge, and only the best products and technology, they will tailor the best route to help you reach your personal goals.